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Tony Higa Airshows

Hangar 24 AirFest Aerobatic Performance 


 5/17, 18, 19/2019


2018 Reno Air Races Biplane Gold Final 


Hangar 24 AirFest Aerobatic Performance 


Apple Vallery Airshow 2017 Highlight  


Hangar 24 AirFest  Highlight of Tony's Aerobatic Performance 



Cable Air Show 2017 Start of Air Show Routine - Short Movie 3 -  

Descending 4 point roll, double positive snap roll avalanche and right hand 2-1/2 shoulder roll.

Cable Air Show 2017 Horizontal Eight - Short Movie 2 -                               1/14/2017

This is Horizontal Eight for warm up before air show routine. We make sure that the seat belt is not loose by putting positive G and negative G. The announce is Tony's introduction by Mr. Steve Stavrakakis who is a famous announcer of Reno Air Races. Please see California's blue sky and the beautiful mountain scenery with snow, too. 

Cable Air Show 2017 Take Off - Short Movie 1 -                                        1/14/2017

One Minute Short Movie for the First Take Off at Cable Airport Airshow 2017.

2016 Reno Air Races Biplane Qualification      


From the home pylon after wagging the wings twice, two raps of the qualification begin. Because Tony fly in the constant course tightly, all pylons always appear between the upper wing and the cowling.

The first rap was 200.192 mph and the second rap was 200.145 mph. Tony recorded the fastest speed of 200.192 mph officially.

UTB Hollywood "SoCal Japan"  Tony Higa's Interview                                   6/11/2016

Tony kicks off the TV Program, but his full interview starts at 2 minutes 30 seconds into the video.

Hangar 24 AirFest Tony Higa Performance Highlight                                   5/14/2016

Tony Higa & Pitts Aerobatic Flight with Smoke                                                 1/2/2016

Tony Higa & Pitts Aerobatic Flight

2015 Reno

2015 Reno Air Races / Biplane Gold Final Race

Cameraman : Shoji Sato

2014 Reno Air Races / Biplane Gold Final Race

Cameraman:Shoji Sato ・ John & Paul Tomaszewski (Takeoff & Landing)

2008 Reno Air Races / Biplane Bronze

2008 Reno Air Races / Biplane Gold

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