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Tony Higa Airshows


Tony Higa Profile

Born in Okinawa, Japan.



Made the first trip to the United States to watch Reno Air Races.



Immigrated to the United State to fulfill his dreams of becoming an aerobatics pilot and Reno Air Races Pilot.



Participated 18th World Unlimited Aerobatics Championship at Oklahoma for Japan as a first Japanese competitor.



Completed 18-year-construction of Pitts Special S1S. Flew in first race at Reno National Championship Air RacesHas flown in the races for 14 consecutive years. Race #31, TangoTango.



ICAS Certified Aerobatic Airshow Pilot (Pitts & T6)

Reno Air Races Association Certified Pylon Race Pilot

Single & Multi Engine Pilot

Instrument Rating

FAA Certified Aircraft Inspection Authorization

FAA Certified Aircraft Airframe & Power Plant Mechanic

Japan Civil Aviation Bureau Certified Mechanic

Tony Higa Airshows|T6 エアショーパイロット|トニー比嘉
Tony Higa Airshows|リノエアレー T6

North American T6

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